Laser Treatments

Lyra(Nd:Yag Laser)

Lyra(Nd:Yag Laser)

We are committed to delivering superlative results throughout each cosmetic treatment to patients who wish to correct a number of cosmetic flaws in the skin and achieve a youthful, vibrant look.  Our staff is experienced with several different types of lasers which can address a wide variety of aesthetic issues.

  • The Lyra I laser is the first laser to be FDA approved for all skin types, including skin of color.  It is effective in the treatment of hair removal, acne and pseudo-folliculitis, as well as improving the elasticity of sagging skin.
  • Laser TreatmentThe Aura Laser is effective in treatment of unsightly leg vessels and broken capillaries, hyper pigmentation (such as age spots, freckles, as well as rosacea and sun damaged skin). It is designed to even skin tone and reduce inflammation.
  • The Aura and Lyra are both nonablative lasers that work on conditions that go beneath the skin to improve appearance without causing damage to the outer layer of skin.  Improvements are instant, with little discomfort and no down time.
  • Aura (KTP Laser)

    Aura (KTP Laser)

    The Venus is an ablative laser that works by vaporizing the outer micro fine layers of skin, removing fine lines, discoloration, and smoothing acne scars instantly.  The heat of the laser tightens the skin and stimulates collagen.  In less than an hour aging skin is dramatically improved with just one treatment.  The recovery process is generally 5–14 days as the skin continues to improve and heal.  Venus clients are given a pre/post care kit 1-2 weeks prior to procedure.  Each kit contains everything you need to prepare your skin, as well as to protect and heal.  This takes the guess work, as well as anxiety out of post procedural care.

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