The Venus Laser

The laser works by vaporizing the outer fine layers of skin, refreshing sun damaged skin and diminishing the appearance of age spots, discoloration, fine wrinkles and some superficial scars.
Conditions That Can Be Treated
Fine Wrinkles
Sagging Cheeks, Jouls and Neck, Bags under the eyes
Sun damaged skin
Acne prone skin
Oily skin
Superficial age spots
Scar reduction
How it Works
The energy from the laser is absorbed by the water, this causes the laser beam to vaporize the top layer of the epidermis, removing skin inconsistencies. When the epidermis regenerates, you’ll see the effect is a smoother and tighter surface.
Does the Treatment Hurt?
With the use of topical anesthetics it eliminated most discomfort during the procedure. People may feel heat and a slight sting.
Results to Expect
Typical clients need 3-5 peels to see dramatic results, the epidermis will be exfoliated layer by layer, causing new skin growth and enhancing the clarity of the skin. You will feel improvement of your skin texture and the softness of your skin. You may also see reduction of unsightly pigmentation like sun spots or uneven skin color.
After the procedure you may turn pink and slightly swell. In the next few days the outer layer of your skin will flake off. Some people experience redness, similar to the feeling of a sunburn. Limit sun exposure during treatment and makeup may be worn to cover redness.

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New Advanced Cosmetic Center website

Greetings Michigan Residents!

We’ve just rebuilt and launched our new website, complete with updated and new information. We’re part of the Millennium Medical Group located in Westland Michigan. If you get a chance please contact us and give us some feedback on what you think and what information you would like to find here.

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